libcapn is a C Library to interact with the Apple Push Notification Service using simple and intuitive API. With the library you can easily send push notifications to iOS and OS X devices.

libcapn uses Jansson library code to create JSON document

The library is licensed under the MIT license.

Current releases

  • The current release is 1.0.0, released on 2014-02-28


Language Name Description
PHP php-apn php-apn is a PHP module, wrapping libcapn C library to introduce simple yet powerful interface for sending push notifications to iOS and OS X devices from within your PHP code, making integration with Apple Push Notification Service as easy as possible
Python3 pypusher This module allows you to send Apple Push Notifications to various Apple devices from your Python code.

Source Code

The source repository is hosted at GitHub: https://github.com/adobkin/libcapn

You can retrieve the source code through the standard Git client with:

git clone git://github.com/adobkin/libcapn libcapn 
  cd libcapn 
  git submodule update --init